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Chicago’s Pizza


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Alumni Campaign


CGCPO RaiseRight Fundraising Program Family Communication

Available Ongoing

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  1. Center Grove Choir Parent Organization has established an account with RaiseRight to offer gift cards to families who will receive a credit for their Child’s choir account
  2. Plan ahead, involve friends and relatives, and receive credit for items you normally purchase
  3. Gift cards can be purchased at face value from hundreds of stores, and Choir student accounts will be credited a rebate for every dollar purchased. There are 9 pages of stores, but Samples and rebate values
    (as a %) include: a. American Eagle (10), AMC (9),Bed, bath beyond (7), Best buy (4), Bob Evans (10), Bonefish(8), Amazon (2.5), J. Crew(13), JCPenney(5), Lowes(4), Macy’s(10), Meijer(3) Menards(3), O’Charley’s(15),Olive Garden(9), Shell(2), Speedway(4), Subway(6), Target(2.5), Walmart (2.5).
  4. How does it work?
    1. Families can create online accounts and order cards at
      1. Families with active Choir Students can set up ACH “PrestoPay” accounts to pay for their orders for a fee of $.29 per order or. Families can also use a credit card with a 2.6% fee.
    2. Cards are ordered directly on-line and can be picked up a couple times a year.
    3. Selected merchants offer “Reloadable” cards for instantaneous availability if paying by ACH (PrestoPay) and significant special discounts are offered monthly
    4. You can buy cards for relatives or friends through your account to expand your rebates.
    5. “RaiseRight Wallet” is a website that is available on smartphones, and can load payments right at register.
  5. To open an account today follow the instructions below:
    1. Go to
    2. On the upper right side select click “register”
      1. When asked, enter the enrollment code: B1A8F9B332165. This will link you to the Center Grove Choir Parent Organization account an enable us to track your rebates for your student. We suggest you use your email address for user ID. Enter your student’s first and last name. Enter their choir teacher’s last name (e.g. Dice, Norman)
      2. If you will be paying by ACH, go to the home page, then click “my account”, and click on here toward the top where it indicates
        1. You do not have a PrestoPay account.
          1. Accept the agreement (if you choose to do so)
          2. Complete the ACH information
          3. Within two business days you will receive 2 very small deposits in your ACH account (e.g. $.03 and $.08) from RaiseRight, after these are posted to your account, return to the website, login, and in the upper light blue bar click here to verify your PrestoPay account. You will have to enter the value of the two deposits
          4. You will then receive an email with a four-digit approval code that you must forward immediately to our coordinator via email.

Please Note that there is a $.29 fee for every time you use your PrestoPay and
*If your payment is returned for non-sufficient funds you will be charged a $30 NSF fee