The Choir Parent Organization was founded in 1980 as a support organization for the Choral Department at Center Grove High School. As the Choral Department has grown over the past 25 years so has the responsibility of its parent booster organization.

The Executive Board Officers:
To contact a board member directly, please e-mail Renee Skipper and your message will be directed to the appropriateĀ person.


President: Erin Booher
Vice President: Katie Rogers
Secretary: Becky Lollar
Treasurer: Ed Lage
Ways & Means Events: Angela Vermillion & Kerry Thatcher
Ways & Means Fundraising: Kim Andrews & Bekah Smith
Financial Chair: Amy Springer
Directors: Jennifer Dice & Jared Norman

The purpose of the CPO is three fold according to the revised CPO Constitution & By-Laws. In Article II, Sec. 1-4 it states:

Section 1:

To support the choral programs as established by the music staff and administration of the Center Grove Community School Corporation

Section 2:

To assist in raising funds to support the financial needs of Center Grove High School choirs not provided by the Center Grove Community School Corporation.

Section 3:

To provide parental assistance to the choral department when needed.

Section 4:

To publicize the needs of the choral department to the public and the school community.

Of course Section 2 is one of the biggest jobs the organization has been charged with carrying out. The annual budget for the Choral Department has been increasing as the Department has grown.