Contract Agreement for Competitive Groups

The purpose of this contract is to give you an explanation as to the commitment that you and your family are agreeing to with the acceptance of a position in Sound System, Debtones, CG Singers, Surround Sound, and/or Accents. Below you will find the average cost to be each group. To get a better understanding for the extra-curricular demands of each group, please see our calendar at or read through the choral handbook. 

  • Please understand that not everything is decided and costs are approximate to what is needed the year.
  • Accounts must be current each month as CPO owns all costumes and will pull costumes of the student’s whose accounts are more than 30 days past due or over $300 outstanding.
  • All competitive groups are a year-long commitment.  No refunds will be given,  All students dropping a class must be financially current in order to do so.
  • If you do not receive a monthly statement beginning in May, it is your responsibility to let us know so that you do not become behind in your billing cycle.
  • Fundraisers may be used to off-set your costs. Please contact your director if you are not receiving e-mails from the CGCPO Secretary as they contain all pertinent information.



Group Group
Accents X $250 $150 $40 $45 X
Surround Sound X $250 $150 $40 $45 X
The Debtones $500 $250 $150 $100 $45 $1200
Sound System $500 $250 $150 $100 $45 $1200
CG Singers $250 $250 $150 $100 $45 $1200
Doublers $100 X $150 X X X

Group and Fundraising Fees cover: arrangements, guest clinicians, choreographer fees, contest fees, props, costumes, etc.

Contract Agreement for Competitive Groups

I understand that the commitment involved with all CGHS competitive choirs is both a time commitment and a financial commitment. I understand that fundraising is available to me to help with the costs of the year. As a parent/guardian, I am responsible for my child’s account if they are unable to raise the fees with fundraising.

I am making a full commitment to the CGHS choral program for the entire school year. Breaking school policies, failure to meet the eligibility requirements, and attendance issues may result in termination from the organization, and all money in said student’s account will remain with the Center Grove Choral Parent Organization. Any fees that have been assessed to my account at the point of dismissal will be paid in full to CPO.

All payments will be paid to CPO in a timely manner and any financial matters/hardships will be communicated to the financial chair of the CPO. I understand the payment schedule and will make monthly payments in a timely manner regardless of receiving a statement from CPO. I understand that if my account is negligent or tardy, my student/I may be withheld from performing. By signing this agreement I am giving Center Grove Parent Organization permission to use my likeness in any promotion, website, or other literature produced.

This contract is due before your child may be considered for membership in a competitive choir. Your first payment of $250.00 will be due by our parent meeting on April 26th.



  • By entering your name above, you are signifying that you agree to the CONTRACT AGREEMENT FOR COMPETITIVE GROUPS above.
  • By entering your name above, you are signifying that you agree to the CONTRACT AGREEMENT FOR COMPETITIVE GROUPS above.